Here's a demo of the Random Looping Sequencer DIY module I built. It's added a lot of life to my setup and is excellent for live performance with some control over the randomness...

This patch features the RLS' seq out multed to uscale in and envelator gate in. envelator out to borg 1... borg out to mixer and into camera. The sound source is the uncle & anti osc tripple wave folded and filtered with the z2040 and ems synthi filter clone.

The Random Sequencer is a circuit that produces
random control voltages. These can be completely
random, or they can be locked into loops that repeat
every 8, 16 or 32 steps.
It was inspired by the long history of shift register
pseudorandom synth circuits, including the Triadex
Muse, Buchla 266 Source of Uncertainly, Ken Stone’s
gated comparator and Grant Richter’s Noisering. This
circuit includes a transistor noise generator, so should
create true random binary sequences. However, the
structure of the sequencer and the nature of the
digital-to-analog converter used seem to give a
particular character - tones that rise and fall in a
particular way.

-Tom Whitwell

Here's more info on this open source diy synth project:

If you're interested in a custom built VoltageCtrlR Random Volt Generator eurorack module drop me an email at voltagectrlr at gmail dot com

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