I move within networks, both real and virtual, but feel that the virtual ones are slowly but surely fighting for domination. The real networks fall apart, one person at a time leaving my inner sphere of consciousness to become one of many whom I think of less often than I would like to. The virtual networks tell me that I am loved, wanted and most important of all: SEEN. I'm seen all the time by so many people, acknowledging my actions, nodding affirmatively and giving me a boost to go and do things, buy things, be things... things that I maybe never was.

This week I work with the same movement, but a different setting and music every day. How does this effect the interpretation of the movement?

Music: Flight of the Valkyries by Wagner (I have no rights to this music, so the soundtrack is not Creative Commons)

This video is one of the tools for a new, open-source physical-theatre project by Jens Bäckvall and Christian Adelhorst Rossil. 
Every day in 2012, we will create a small movement or other idea for the stage with a minimum length of 10 seconds. This will be filmed and uploaded. The uploads are not meant as finished material, but are sketches for possible further work.
Every video and the things done in them are open-source, meaning that anyone may copy, use or be inspired by the videos and movements and use them in any way they want to. All that we ask is that you mention our names in any flyers etc. if you use it. Also, we ask you to comment on the material, either through writing or creating and filming material of your own. Anything you upload will also become open-source and a part of the project.
In the beginning of 2013, we will create a performance, based on and using some or all of the material that we, and others, have created.

See our home-page for more information: ‪t-nova.org/2473652012-EN.html


If you like our project, please consider supporting us through the following:


Thank you.

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