(Description in Spanish and English below)
Gaspe (Gespeg) significa en la lengua micmac de los primeros habitantes de esta región: "donde acaba la tierra".
112 km recorridos entre Perce y el Cabo Gaspe con 2 bicis y un remolque para Sami, una tienda de campaña y mucho cuscus, pañales y diversión.
Las fotos del final son de una exposición de Edward Burtynsky sobre el petroleo y los efectos que tiene en nuestra sociedad. Hay una propuesta de extracción de petroleo (metodo fracturación: globalfrackdown.org/) en esta región que visitamos y que tiene una gran controversia por sus efectos en los ecosistemas de la región, como está pasando en las Tar sands de Alberta (no-tar-sands.org/resources/).

Música grabada en directo y "Politik Kills" de Manu Chao.
Grabación y edición: Borja Antolin-Tomas y Jana Pausch.
I'll tell you roughly what Borja is saying:
-This quest starts at our home in Scott Street, where we turn west. With our bikes we take the train north to Percé in the lands of Gaspésie.
-There we take a deep breath for our bikes and minds and to keep on crossing bridges, roads and woods, in the search of "where the lands end".
-Between the trees of Forillon we met a man whose music will accompany us further along.
- And we turn east, to see "where the land ends".

The translation for the Text underneath the video you´ll find here:
Gaspésie (Gespeg) in the language of the Micmac, the natives of this region means: "Where the lands end".
112km with 2 bikes, a bike stroller for Sami, a tent and a lot of cuscus, diapers and fun, between Percé and the Cap Gaspé. The images at the end of the film are partly from an exhibition in the streets of Gaspé, from the photographer Edward Burtynsky. An exhibition about petroleum and its effects on our society. There is an existing plan about oil production (Methode Fracturation: globalfrackdown.org/)in the region where we spent our vacations, as they do already on the fields of Tar sands in Alberta (no-tar-sands.org/resources/)

Music live and complemented by "Politik Kills" from Manu Chao.
Videography: Borja Antolin- Tomas and Jana Pausch

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