FAST Tools are a unique new soft tissue tools for instrument soft tissue augmented massage. FAST Tools offers a soft, but aggressive edge to maximize the benefit of your soft tissue work. No more slippery tools! Metal injected plastic material is as heavy as stainless tools, but not slippery.

Convenient handle "Built in" to the tool for maximum grip and "feel" of the patients soft tissue adhesions. FAST Tools are easily adaptable to any soft tissue technique. Best of all FAST Tools are economically priced to implement FAST Tools into your practice and not break the bank to do it!

Dr. Jerad Bludorn, a Chiropractic Physician and Acupuncturist, trained in many soft tissue myofascial techniques and specialized in sports medicine injuries.

Webinar Outline: Introduction to FAST Tools
A. Introduction to soft tissue and fascial manipulation
1. Latest research of new techniques and improvement of clinical outcomes.
B. Fast tools and techniques
1. Features of the tools
2. material used for the tools and benefits of the tools
3. Explanation of the design of the tools
C. Conditions FAST Tools can be used with
1. Common conditions for marketing purposes
2. Tendinitis tendonosis. Sprains and strains
3. Post surgical and injury scar tissue treatment
Recap of FAST Tools features and benefits

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