[b]Production[/b]: European Service Network
[b]Contact[/b]: sde@esn.eu

EU Market Access: 2 minutes 41 seconds
Trade Defence activities: 3 minutes

[b]The client’s communication objectives[/b]
The Policy Coordination and Communication unit of the European Commission’s DG Trade asked ESN to help them produce short videos which explain in simple “yet compelling” terms two important and linked aspects of EU trade policy – implementing its Market Access Strategy and designing and applying its Trade Defence policy.

[b]The main challenges[/b]
The EU is keen to illustrate how its efforts to keep trade open and fair through objectivity, transparency and a spirit of professionalism and service contribute to the global trading system. The videos must help explain EU trade policy to professionals and laypeople alike, and show how EU actions support the achievement of trade goals, and its positions on issues such as globalisation, market access, bilateral negotiations, and international trade rules.

[b]ESN’s proposed solution[/b]
Following initial meetings and briefings with teams from both groups within DG Trade, it was agreed that the most neutral yet descriptive way to tackle what can be a sensitive subject – trade and measures to ensure it is free and fair can sometimes be misinterpreted as protectionism – was through the use of animated film (dynamic info-graphics).

[b]The process[/b]
Internal expertise on the subject came from ESN’s editorial team, while a trusted partner contributed to the storyboarding. Once the storyboards had been approved by the client, the animation team began the painstaking work of precision matching all of the audio-visuals to the content.

[b]Audience satisfaction indicators[/b]
The client had attempted to produce these videos using other contractors before ESN was recommended as an agency that would get the job done. This proved to be the case. The end result was outstanding with initial reactions from advance viewings indicating that the films hit the mark, managing to explain complex subjects in a light and entertaining format. The films are ideal for conferences as a ‘warm-up’ and introduction to serious trade talks, as well as online via the usual information channels.

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