As death approaches an old man struggles to recall the words of a forgotten poem. As the misplaced words return his mind is filled with lucid imagery, he is transported into a world of distorted memories and dreams: a lost time, a loved place, a laughing fellow rover.

Director’s Intent
Massey and Gibbs are fascinated by the perception and meaning of the words ‘sight’ and ‘real’. Their film is a semi-abstract piece, representational and dreamlike in execution. The technique used to create the strange ‘moving painting’ effect is called ‘Rotoscoping’, a method that involves drawing or painting over live action film. The film was initially shot on location in Cornwall: every frame was printed out, hand painted, re-shot and re-edited back together. This process of working translates the way in which we recall distant memories. Information is filtered and broken presenting a distorted image and a warped representation of the past.
The film Sea Fever is the culmination of three years of study, the joint vision of two friends with a shared desire to experiment in conceptual filmmaking.

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