an interactive installation artwork

Mudsink means a X planet, an unknown planet in our dream, it is something ideal we've expected, which is connecting strangers from each other by visual and hearing experiencing, and to be a way of knowing a stranger in our life. Mudsink can also means people leaving from their world and jump into a unknown planet, for picking up a new concept there, to be a little step for people get the idea of breaking through their own-built walls for knowing strangers, knowing a person which has the same elements of ourselves, HUMAN.
Also, sink in English means a motion of things flowing down in water or an affair being ignored or fading out. We name it mudsink since our project is trying to highlight some concepts which are ignored by most people and sinking from our culture, which is people isolating from each others. We believe that human is naturally a group living creature. People living and walking around besides other people should act a lot more closer than the way that I experience everyday. We have somehow built a kind of wall or gap for safeguard from stranger, especially in big city. We feel wired if someone walk a little closer to ourselves and start scanning the person for judging whether one is not dangerous or has any bad intention. In other hand, we will never feel in the same way if we are standing inside a lift, public transport or a concert venue, etc. This indicates that we naturally are friendly from others but somehow picked up some contradicted concepts that we don't clearly sense it yet.


Mudsink is a multi-users playing interactive installation work, which gives user a concept of sudden connection with unfamiliar people, suddenly being close, being same role with same goal. In this planet-liked shape installation, user meet trail friends with sharing temporal experience through constructing their own space by interactive lighting and sound elements.

Mudsink has several elements to enable interaction between user and user, and also user and computer. First of all, mudsink is located at the wall of a circle dark space which let user enter and play around inside the space. It is mainly constructed by many light bulbs, as a interactive light bulbs circle wall.

Mudsink senses the users' motion by many infra-red sensors installed beside light bulbs and react by switching on light bulbs and playing interesting sound clips with making lighting patterns, according to users' different motions triggering different infra-red sensors. So, the space of mudsink is actually only constructed by users in a particular moment inside the room. So, the matching of users creates a unique space for themselves by visual and hearing senses.

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