John Pippy, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance, appeared on Comcast Newsmakers to discuss the economic impact of coal on Pennsylvania's economy and how coal provides low cost energy to businesses and consumers throughout the Commonwealth.

The Pennsylvania Coal Alliance (Alliance), founded in 2012, is an initiative of PA bituminous coal mining operators, their employees, and industry suppliers to educate the public and policymakers about the coal industry in Pennsylvania.

We advocate for more than 41,000 Pennsylvania coal workers, indirect workers, and their families -- but the reach of the industry, and thus, our mission, is much broader than that.

If you use an air conditioner in the summer; if you worry about the cost of your monthly electric bill; if you buy from American businesses; or if you merely want reliable and increasingly clean energy that you can afford -- then you are directly impacted by the future of coal.

After an unprecedented attack from Washington, it became clear that we needed a stronger and more unified voice to tell the whole story of today's coal industry in Pennsylvania -- and the importance it plays in our economy tomorrow.

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