This poignant, comforting "tiny film" reflects a vivid vision that Little Pearls' Executive/Creative Director Linda had of her older dog Katie, shortly after Katie's death in March 2008.

In the vision, Katie was running joyfully, free and without limits, on a green mountain ridgeline.

"Coming Home" is the first of a series of Dog Pearls.

It features five dogs filmed in HD on a beautiful mountaintop bald in the Blue Ridge Mountains, June 2008. Both "Coming Home" and "Spirit Dog" are poignant, comforting and spiritual, dealing with living - and dying - with love, ease and grace.

Dog Pearls are meant to encourage adoptions; a closer bond between humans and animals; and a sense of what we have in common with companion animals in so many life experiences. They are about what dogs teach us, in terms of being human, as much as they are about dogs themselves.

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