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Hello. My name is John Bernard, author of this best-selling book, Business at the Speed of Now.

I wrote this book to describe the NOW Management System and to show you how it will help you to be successful in this tough economy.

The system has gained significant traction with state government clients. These agency leaders are being recognized for doing the most innovative work in the country. I'd like to share with you a few real life examples, and later the results they achieved.

Three leaders of state agencies -- leaders just like you -- faced three separate problems. One was turning around a struggling agency and refused to let significant budget cuts from the legislature be an excuse not to make needed improvements -- he had to reduce costs and improve effectiveness. Another agency leader was under great pressure from its customers to improve responsiveness and clear up the red tape -- also a shrinking budget. And the third agency leader was facing the reality that outcomes were well below what she believed were needed by the citizens her agency served.

We all face the challenges you just heard about. Now let me tell you how the NOW Management System works and how it helped these leaders.

We build it side-by-side with your leadership team -- every step of the way.

Together we create a NOW Fundamentals Map, focused on the 90 percent of what your organization needs to execute flawlessly every day. We don't focus on departments, we focus on how the work flows. The mapping uncovers how your organization's routine work gets done, exposing the processes that work well and those that don't. We then define who owns which processes, and ultimately how process effectiveness and your overall success will be measured.

The measures you define are used to connect every employee to the Fundamentals Map and directly to the work they own, providing the foundation for transparent accountability, and also for continuous improvement.

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