SOUND ON WHEELS - choir on bikes and musicians on carts.
Performed at Disney Consert Hall/REDCAT Parkinstructure, Los Angeles, in collaboration with LAXART.

Filmed by: Maya Bastian, Gianfilippo De Rossi and Chiara Giovando.
Featuring: Joana Ayala, Michael Benard, Matt Bess, James Blanso, Keely Borland, Alissa Corrao, James Cerne, Parker Davis, Chiara Giovando, Jerome Harrell, Pamela Immel, David Lee, Sam Lee, Emily Loynachan, Kevin Mallar, Josef Martin, Jos Mckain, Arnold McCuller, Brandon Mielk, Odeya Nini, Erin Schneider, Ash Williams. The performance was part of the serie called ART IN THE PARKINGSPACE, curated by Elena Bajo, Warren Neidich and Amanda Hunt. Spesial Thanks to: RICCARDO BALDINI, Michael Parker, Meghan McWilliams, James Blandsoe, Bicycle Kitchen, Alyse Emdur, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Aeron Freeman, Alexandra Cassaniti, Sara Clendening, Julie Pichard, Renate Henrikshaugen and very spesial thanks to PARKER.

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