He says, "Save lives, relieve pain, these are the essential responsibilities which a doctor has, and an empathy with which we deal with patients. We always have that feeling that we cannot betray the trust that has been reposed to us."

Prior to coming to Tata Steel Dr. T.P. Madhusudanan has been working with the Armed Force medical services. Now he looks after the healthcare needs of Jamshedpur area. He goes on to say that access to the Tata Main Hospital is is not limited to employees only but is extended to the community as well. It is not a hospital for profit and patients pay whatever they can afford.

Once in a quarter a Blood Donation Camp is held so that Tata Steel employees can contribute to the society in addition to the routine work which they are doing, by donating their blood. It helps nurture a fellow feeling for the community they are working for.

Dr T. P. Madhusudanan says, "The community has got its needs, the company has got its requirements. There has to be a harmony between the community and the company and that has probably been the success of this company which has been in existence for more than a century".

"In life what essentially matters is how you evaluate yourself, how you feel about being a part of the community and where you stand. Unless there is respect, material wealth is not worthwhile - is what I've learnt. I do not believe that happiness is absolutely an innate quality,it has to be derived from the surroundings by living with the people," - Dr. T. P. Madhusudanan.

This is life @ Tata Steel.

However strong our steel might be, our values remain stronger.

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