That`s really a very easy song to play.
I recorded 4 weeks ago and it was meant to be a guitar-drum-vocal cover but as it wasn`t possible to find someone who`d dare to play or sing along I got the original song on the background (way background...), otherwise there wouldn`t be fun at all to listen only the guitars because the riffs are too simple. I even thought of not making this video but WTH... the song is already recorded.
I won`t waste it!

I recorded in a different way comparing to what Stef`s done. I played four guitars to make some mixing experiments and after all done I liked the way it got!
Hope you like it too!

Intro: Hexagram
Tuning: Drop C#
Gear: Guitar ESP(LTD) EC-300 / GuitarPort Line6.

Check back for more soon.

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