He's nervous, looking down at his feet. Turbulence hits the helicopter. Things are getting out of control. The helicopter goes down. Everyone is dead except one. He's injured badly. They put him in a cryogenic state to heal.
While he is healing in an experimental government lab, the world above is torn apart and ripped to shreds by a global nuclear war.
Years later, he wakes up. His eyes dart open and he looks around very confused and scared. He gets up and takes the leads off him. He tries to stand but falls to the ground. He manages to pull him self up as he tries to wake his muscles up. He follows the passage to a door. He opens it and is instantly blinded by the light. He eventually gets out and adjusts to find the ruins of old Pretoria but also a world that has healed and has been taken back by nature. As he comes to terms with his new world he stumbles to the ground. He reaches out starts losing consciousness. He see's a small foot and begins to look up at a little girl in a dress holding a flower at her side. Then he passes out.

AV Studies Project for College

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