Richmond City Council's Governmental Operations Committee held May 28, 2009, began 4:10 PM.

• Review of Procurement Policies – Eric Mens, Director, Procurement Services

Dwight Snead, President of Dwight Snead Construction Company and Kenneth Jones, President and CEO of Prestige Construction Group each expressed concern that the City’s use of the electronic procurement tool eVA might have a negative impact on minority-owned businesses.

• 2009 General Assembly Legislation Report – Valerie Salaam, Council Policy Analyst

Papers for Consideration:

1. Ord. No. 2009-82 (Patron: President Graziano) - To amend City Code § 2-221, concerning additional duties of the City Auditor, to remove the additional duties previously set forth in such section and to modify the method by which Council members request audits and projects from the City Auditor.

2. Ord. No. 2009-90 (Patron: President Graziano) - To amend City Code § 2-1057, concerning the composition and terms of office of the Audit Committee, to provide that citizen members shall be allowed to serve for up to three successive terms.

3. Ord. No. 2009-91 (Patron: President Graziano) - To amend City Code § 2-212, concerning procedures for disclosure of misconduct, to clarify the methods by which misconduct may be reported and to affirmatively require City employees to report instances of misconduct, including fraud, waste and abuse.

Discussion Items:

Vacancy/Turnover Report

Audit Consolidation Status Report

Board Vacancies
Audit Committee – 2 Vacancies
Nicholas Macauley – (Appointment)

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