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Incident report - avalanche.ca/Forums/forums/t/4719.aspx

Tobin found the Contour camera almost two and a half years later. It had no waterproof case; I plugged it into the computer and much to my surprise it turned on. And still works! And here I was thinking all consumer electronics made in this day and age were junk.

It's now off to the Contour hall of fame I believe. Contour Blog about this - blog.contour.com/2012/10/10/contour-cameras-survives-avalanche-and-two-years-in-the-wild/

Much thanks to Whistler Search and Rescue for the extrication. It would have been a slow and painful walk out and we're super glad we've never had to use your services again. Donate here whistlersar.com/index_files/Page425.htm

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