What is psychedelic love? We make love, love that sweater, love God. From Jesus to The Beatles, through psychedelics, in all seven chakras, and alive in sex, romance, and spirituality, one clear truth encountered on the path of conscious development is the fundamental nature of compassion, kindness, altruism - love. Love is the very essence of the Universe.
• How does psychedelic love relate to romance, tantra, prayer, fidelity, family, polyamory, friendship, intimacy, hormones, freedom, trust, gender identity, agape, transcendence?
• How do psychedelics and practices such as tantra provide access to our deepest, truest selves, as well as a direct connection to the essential vibratory frequency of the Universe: love.
• How do psychedelics compare to meditation as a method for developing spiritual love?
This talk is part overview of the latest research, part clinical guide, and part personal report from the field and includes a discussion of the most effective ways to achieve this state of mind and way of life.

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