MyTeamzNews is a web-based smartphone application that will “connect” the finer points of social media with the communication needs of YSO's - Youth Sport Organizations.

MyTeamzNews combines both the need for Communication and Fundraising into one smartphone application. Each time a team communication is sent; the message is "brought to you by" a local business.

How it works
The sponsor receives "advertising impressions" each time an athlete, coach, fan or parent views the team message, much the same way they receive “impressions” when fans see their banner on a fence. The local business pays the team / league for the right to advertise within the team's "social community" 6 to 8 times a week adding up to 100’s impressions weekly, 400 impressions monthly and thousands over the course of the team's season. For every player on a team, there are easily 7 to 10 individuals in their “social community”.
Instead of having to just ask for donations, YSO’s can now offer a viable product and service to local businesses in the form of advertising in MyTeamzNews.

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