Grace Ellis opens our eyes and ears and brings the scripture Isaiah 45.

Some of us are sitting in prisons cells with gates of iron and bars of bronze caught in addictions, sickness and other dark places. There are some sitting in these dark cells (places in our souls) that have open doors, but yet remain there.

We need those bars of bronze opened by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said in those dark places there are treasures! How can anything good come out of darkness? Anyone that has a testimony today will tell you they got treasures from those dark times of the soul like sickness, death, poverty.…..they learned things about themselves they had not realized before the dark times.

In Psalm 23 David said that God is a shepherd "He made him to lie down in green pastures". HE would MAKE him lie DOWN. Sometimes when you don't stop and lie down, God will stop you. If your running both barrels and don't take time to rest, some things in life will knock you down for awhile. When you stop….as King David says…."your soul gets restored".

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