In Zen, when we know there's deeper to go, or we're confused or stuck, something needs tweaking or we simply need a place in which to create some space, we have a saying - "Back to the Zendo!" And it basically means, "Go sit with it" - whatever "it" is. But all too often we don't have a sitting practice that will give us the tools we need to access the psyche in a way that will help us awaken to and transcend our negative patterns. This is what led me to Mondo Zen and to the notion that spiritual study needed psychology as much as psychology needed spirituality - not religion, not New Age clairvoyant mediumship - but a psychospiritual approach that helped us awaken, heal and integrate. So, when the therapy needs more space, it's 'back to the zendo' and when the formula for life needs tweaking, it's 'back to the zendo' - and this is the space that a Zendo can provide.

Kali's Zendo is intended to be a container - a vessel in which to hold the space to create the quiet in which to follow a process that will lead you through the patterns of the mind so that you may become more deeply aware of how they play out in your life.... and CHANGE them!

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