The Angsana Resort Project in Corfu island is a a promising 5 star hotel located in Saint Stephanos Benitses, currently being redesigned & rebuild by Kratis S.A.

This video shows studio shots of liquids tests that will be used in my lighting design concept developed for the light well of the atrium which is located in the center of the architectural project for which i have proposed a certain technical infrastructure involving mini pools, water features and moving plexi glass tanks filled with a mixture of colored mineral oil and water, also a metallic kevlar fabric screen element in the interior architecture on which the water reflexions and shadows will be projected in both day and night lighting conditions.

Studio tests made with mineral oil colors using various techniques of solvents and water dyes into liquid mixtures produce many desired effects and visuals. Depending on the percentage ratio between oil and water and on the quantity or quality of the color dye, various different visual creations can be produced. Last but not least the liquids transparency works well with back projections of water reflexions produced by a water feature.

To view the final concept & idea please cheque the next video here

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