"Electronomaly" is a three-movement musical experiment composed in traditional sonata form for an ensemble of three performers, each assigned a unique, invented, non-traditional mode of creating and controlling the sound of their own instruments when the piece is performed live.

1.) Solo Vocalist/Beatman - wears a pair of gloves-- one to control volume, sample record / playback, & pitch (autotune)**; the other uses 4 laser diodes & a webcam + CV to trigger sound effects and change filter parameters. **Later configured to control video sample playback (as in this video)**

2.) Solo Pianist - uses separate frequency-specific, sound-responsive LED strips / patterns to toggle between MIDI voices.

3.) Auxillary - One performer controls all non-instrumental sound by playing a series of amplified boxes that groan, whistle, and clap at varying tempos & volumes when the lids are opened at varying speeds.

Written by myself & long-time musical collabrother / genius Ben Sanofsky & performed with Carl Eveleigh at the ITP New Interfaces for Musical Expression Show, Cameo Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, December, 2011.

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