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The Pennsylvania name change for an adult as described in the State Code 1309-295 is done by filing a petition to the county's civil court where you are a resident. It is easier, if you were just married, to have your certified marriage license with the raised seal or if you were recently divorced to have your divorce decree. Typically, you will not have a court hearing in Pennsylvania but it depends on the circumstances of the name change.


Must be a resident for at least 6 months
If just married, must have your original marriage certificate.
If just divorced, must have your divorce decree.
Step 1 - You must have your fingerprints taken at your local police station by following these Instructions.

Step 2 - Fill-Out the Pennsylvania Name Change Petition, Civil Cover Sheet, The forms must be notarized. Make 5 copies.

Step 3 - File the Petition to the County Court Clerk's office where your live. Pay the filing fee and you will be given a court hearing date.

Step 4 - You must publish an ad in the newspaper within 30 days of your court hearing to announce your name change publicly. Every county has different rules, for example, some counties make you submit a publication in your local newspaper while other may make you post on the Court's bulletin board or law journal. Upon completion, you will be given a 'Proof of Publication' when you have successfully made your name change public.

Step 5 - Go to your court hearing and fill out a 'Name Change Certification' prior to your hearing. Attend your hearing, and you will be given a name change decree which you can use to change your name at any public or private institution.

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