Hardware and software

Thinkpad T500, Debian Wheezy (64bit), Gnome 3.4.2 with Intel GM45 express video chipset. Connected to a Samsung 22inch display.

The problem
Apps on the external display - seem to not calculate the desktop size correctly.

I can't get full screen applications to fill the second display. I have problems resizing windows and moving applications on the secondary display, and also between displays. Please refer to videos.

To recreate

Plug in external monitor (here it's through the laptop's VGA out.)

Bring up Gnome->Settings->Display.

In the Display tools:

* Do not mirror the monitors.
* Place laptop display underneath secondary monitor (so you can mouse up and down between displays.)

The video

Is a recording of the Desktop. It shows the Gnome settings Displays tool window, and an attempt to resize and move an application window (here Gimp.)

I try and move and resize the application window, and move it between displays.

Things to notice: on the secondary monitor I can't seem to be able to move the window over some invisible boundary.

Maximising the window confines it to a narrow strip to the right - this has some correlation to the primary display.

The application window can't move freely between displays.

Using the keyboard shortcut ALT+F8 does allow window resizing and circumvents invisible boundary. After which no odd behaviour observed. (Normal window resizing with handle does not work correctly.)

Until trying to maximize the window again, where it reverts to the narrow column on the right hand side.

A workaround

If I change the arrangement of my monitors in the Displays tool so that they are side by side - the window manager appears to work okay. However it's illogical for me as the physical arrangement of the displays are not side by side.

Other issues

Probably unrelated:

I'm unsure which display an app will use at start up. I just tested this video under Vimeo in full screen and it opened in the secondary monitor.

I'm not sure how I can specify my primary display.

It would seem there is still room for improvement for multiple monitor support under Gnome3.

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