Decree for America

We decree LIFE.
• We decree that human life possesses intrinsic dignity from the moment of conception until death.
• We decree that life begins at conception, and a baby in the womb is a living soul.
• We decree that God has entrusted us as His guardians and agents to protect life.

• We decree that marriage is between a man and a woman exclusively.
• We proclaim and decree that marriage laws in America will always adhere to the biblical worldview that marriage is a holy covenant between a man and a woman committed to lifelong fidelity and purity.
• We decree that marriage is a monogamous relationship with a core value of procreation.

• We support the Jewish State of Israel and see in it God’s promise and fulfillment of the covenant between the Jewish people and the land itself.
• We proclaim that Jerusalem has always been the holy and anointed spot of Jewish history, and we declare it will always be the indivisible capital of Israel.
• We decree that never again shall the Jewish people forfeit their land and their city.

©2012 Decree for America •

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