Shore dive at Shiprock Aquatic Reserve NSW.
Water temp: 16ºC
Maximum depth: 15.7m
Length: est. 63 mins
Creatures: Nudibranch, cuttlefish, red morwong, hulafish, leatherjacket, threebar porcupinefish, yellowtail, stingray (the rest, I tried googling but no success. Please feel free to jump in and identify/correct via comments!)

Shiprock 2012.10.01 (Drift dive) filming and editing © Althea Aseoche 2012
Music: "Falling Apart" by Daniel Pozo (
Filmed on GoPro
Thanks: Dive buddies - Glen, Jason & Kelly

Notes: Still fiddling with colour issues. I will have a torch on my next dive which should fix the shots that are too green and also allow me to film things in dark crevices. There was a moray eel at one point but the footage was too dark. Thanks to Glen for allowing me to hijack his video torch light sometimes!

Most of the shots here are on the way back to our exit point, catching the current (i.e. drift diving). How fun!!

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