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How Team Bjorkman does Marketing for Santa Clarita Real Estate

Hi guys this is Mike Bjorkman. I had an interesting little, what do you call it, epiphany or whatever a little while ago. Right now I'm currently hiring somebody to help me with marketing. Our systems are so busy handling escrows, doing transaction coordinating that we need somebody to be specifically working on the marketing. Now don't get me wrong it's not falling behind. Our customer service level is fantastic, but we need to free up a little bit of time. What that means to you as a seller in Santa Clarita is you're going to have somebody working just on your marketing.

What I was doing I was going through this list for an interview to see what do these people know, what they don't know about what's going on. I thought I'd point it out as a seller benefit when working with Mike Bjorkman and Team Bjorkman or Santa Clarita Real Estate. Check this out, these particular people have to know all these websites and how to update, maintain Zillow, Trulia, YouTube, E-property sites, Facebook, Twitter, PInterest, our 800 number system, our CRM top producer, which manages our transaction, eEdge which is our Keller Williams, homes and land. All of our apps that are available on the app store, iContact, word press, top producer campus, drop box, all of our logos, Craigslist, the luxury presentations. All of our luxury websites, and there's about 35 of those, power point presentations, Kino presentations, how to work with our IDX tour factory, our virtual tours, how to handle all of our mailings, all of our realtor.com, and then all of our email programs.

Now folks this list is probably not done yet, but as I got down here I think, "Geez, of this list who else in Santa Clarita does this? Cares this much about their marketing to make sure their listings are widespread? Not only nationally, but internationally." With that being said I just wanted to say a quick note. Feel free to contact me if you're thinking of putting your home on the market and you want, I know you deserve, but if you want and deserve marketing like this, let's sit down. Come to my office. I have a big screen in the office with remote control. I can show you a full listing presentation, all these wonderful things we do. How they actually help you and how we wide spread, make your home go viral.

Yes, that's how I get the highest price in the quickest, most convenient time line. Now our average price range 350 to 450 maybe 500 thousand, that's average in Santa Clarita. I'm getting more than 99 percent of list price when the Board of Realtors is still reporting somewhere around 96-97 percent of list price. If you want me to get you more than three percent of your purchase price, more than another agent, call me. Let's chat okay. My cell phone's 212-8075, 212-8075. Have an amazing day. I'm always here for you.

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