This is pretty old, from way back in September of 2010.
**On Rebel TV
**Screened at the My Hometown Contest

A video for the MY HOMETOWN contest on Fontana and Route 66.
Music by echoed.

Most people that know of Fontana only know this about it: "Fontucky" "Felony Flats" The KKK Mansion, Hells Angels, Al Capone's House, Drugs, "Drug Run To Fontana", Speed Way, Sammy Hagar, Travis Barker, etc... But what most people don't know is that Route 66 runs straight through the heart of Fontana, or that it was all grapes, oranges, grapefruit, and lemons. Or that it was the home of one of California's largest steel mill's, Kaiser Steel. Or that Fontana is where the Kaiser Hospitals started. Just wanted to show that Fontana isn't all about its bad reputation.

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