Steve Lewis: voice, guitar, shruti, concertina
Beth Allen: voice
Shaun Blezard: live re-mixing, electronics,
Chris Bridges: trombone
Dave Tompkins: double bass
Paul Sherwood: hurdy-gurdy
Carolyn Francis: bagpipes, violin
John Jasnoch: lap steel

Following the success of DC Vox's 15 piece improvatorio Cante Jondo at last year's festival Deep Cabaret is back with a quite different one-off band and a collection of songs, drones & grooves about mortality, some written, some made in the moment.

Sequeling 2005's near legendary Top Ten Sex Tips, Cheerio will feature players and material drawn from Orchestre DC Dansette, Deep Cabaret 3, DC Vox and Deep Clutter with words taken from sources as varied as Buddhist meditations and BBC sitcoms. Re-mastered for a group of instant improvisers, with live samples fed back into the mix and a parallel film shot by Wired In maestro Richard Davis, it will become a meditation on landscape, death and meaning; a moving but optimistic take on "knowing, not knowing and sort-of-knowing".

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