Moments is an app that helps you discover memories that might have otherwise been lost. When you pass by places that you have had fond memories of, we will let you know!

*Please note that this application uses passive location and that it runs in the background of the phone, therefore you will not need to have the app running in the foreground.

All you need to do is to connect to your Facebook with the app and wait for that special surprise!

- once connected to Facebook, we will help organize your memories
- When you pass by places that you have been to, Moments sends you a push notification
- You can then share these special moments with friends and family whom were with you at the time.
- Your friends will receive a private link on their Facebook wall that only they can see when they are logged into their Facebook account.

-Though Moments uses the location of your iPhone, we will only update your approximate location of 2-3 miles radius when you move a significant distance. In doing so, Moments will only use a very minimal amount of your battery life.
-Moments also relies on Facebook to find precious memories, we will never post anything without your explicit permission.
- Please allow the push notification for us to notify you of your great memories!

*We take privacy very seriously. Under no circumstances will your location be shared with anyone without your explicit permission.

- For folks who do not have Facebook or whom do not wish to connect with Facebook, we will be releasing updates for other service such as Flickr, Instagram and etc, in our up coming updates.

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