The Gospel and the American Dream.

Somehow we’ve confused the two, trying to fit the message and life of Jesus into our idea of what we deserve. The result is a life spent pursuing comfort, even inside the walls of the church. But God wants to interrupt that pursuit.

Jen Hatmaker was comfortable in her very “churched” life until God interrupted it and led her on a journey of finding adventure, love, meaning… and Jesus. And all those things were waiting at the bottom.

God is interrupting the lives of Christ-followers and His church, reminding them that He cares deeply about issues of justice and mercy. He’s calling people to live down, to engage with the poor and the outcasts, and to find Jesus in the faces of the “least of these.”

Through a fresh and surprising look at Scripture you’ve heard before but never taken seriously, Interrupted will frustrate you, make you uncomfortable, and challenge your sensibilities. It’s the Bible study no one wants to do because everything might have to change.

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