An upcoming (web/television) series depicting 6 enterprising twenty-somethings hustling their way through their respected professions in the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, California. Character make-up consists of ; a recent law school graduate, an aspiring hip-hop artist, a hot up-and-coming DJ, a photographer, an aspiring actor, and a entrepreneur clothing designer. The reoccurring theme of the series deals with male camaraderie among friends on the "come-up" and the real-life situations one would experience in modern-day Hollywood.

Cast Credits:
Paul J. Ballin - (DJ Phenom)
Talon Reid - (Kevin)
Markiss McFadden - (Unnamed Character)
Cesar Cipriano - (Sim)
Justin Walker - (Noel)
Jeph Cange - (Nicholas)
Coley Cole - (Stacey)
Jillissa Lynn - (Piper)
Destiny Monique - (Unnamed Character)
Kameron Dash - (Karen)

J-Lounge Bar and Restaurant, Los Angeles, California.
West Hotel Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.
Melrose Street, Los Angeles, California.

Christian Strickland - (Director)
Tommy Maddox Upshaw - (Director of Photography)
Noel Brooks - (Executive Producer)

Copyright © 2012 The Fight Mafia, INC. Third Eye Filmworks, LLC.

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