RMD - Everything you ever wanted to know about Required Minimum Distributions for IRA and 401 owners over the age of 70 1/2. TeresaBear.com 480-503-0050. This segment focuses on annuity exceptions and penalties for not taking distributions.

Part 1 - youtu.be/T2RPwabirvU - When do you have to take Required Minimum Distributions?
Part 2 - youtu.be/1jCzaMh99Fg - How much is your RMD?
Part 3 - youtu.be/kA-w7IacUcA - How do you calculate the RMD for a new retire?.
Part 4 - youtu.be/hwYqD1X4Irg - 3 exceptions to the general rules
Part 5 - youtu.be/mNNZ_owUfSo - What about annuity RMD's? What if I don't take my distribution?

TeresaBear.com 480-503-0050 Arizona financial services firm helps investors with retirement planning and financial planning. Teresa Bear, CFP, CPA, Investment Advisor Representative - with offices in Mesa & Chandler - serves Phoenix metro retirees, business owners, widows, and those nearing retirement with comprehensive investment advice.Distributed by OneLoad.com

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