Last year the Ohio legislature passed the most sweeping changes in public bidding laws in the last 135 years.

GONE are the expectations that all projects over $50,000 will be publically bid.

GONE is the requirement that all projects over $50,000 be bid multi-prime.

Learn the new threshholds for "bidding."
Learn about the new project delivery methods.
Learn about how you can still benefit if you use the right strategy.
Learn how counties like Cuyahoga can change the rules.
Learn about the new "Prequalification" rules for subcontractors.
Learn what a public records request can tell you about your
competiton or what it can tell them about YOU.
Learn How to Work with Contractors to be sure You are the Chosen Subcontractor.
Learn how the Builders WExchange and American Subcontractors Association can
help you be a better subcontractor and win more projects.

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