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A man frustrated by his difficult relationship with his wife searches for a sort of internal equilibrium in a hotel where people pay to vent their repressions. After having destroyed a room, he decides to vent in a masochistic brothel. The two search for a type of equilibrium between being violent and receiving violence, between repression and catharsis. While it seems the roles are fixed and unchangeable, a glimmer of hope brings the characters in a world where the what cannot be communicated becomes the material upon which the relationship is nurtured.

FIB1477, mathematically speaking, is the 1477th number of the Fibonacci scale, the formula which regulates the golden equilibrium. It corresponds to : an infinite search for equilibrium.

actors: Carolina Crescentini, Ludovico Vitrano, Veronique Vergari, Alberto Viola

director: Lorenzo Sportiello

screenplay: Guido Silei, Lorenzo Sportiello
dop: Debora Vrizzi
camera: Ferran Paredes Rubio
editing: Simone Manetti
sound recordist: Thomas Giorgi
sound editor: Guido Spizzico
set designer: Manuela Velardo, Deborah Faccio
costumes: Mauro Vanzati, Cecilia Cafiero
music: ‘Moka’, Guido Spizzico, Lorenzo Sportiello
producer: Angelo Russo

production: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia-Scuola Nazionale di Cinema anno
year 2006
shot on 35mm

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