General short love song really, not usually my scene of music but this song has been on the shelf for a long time and has never seen a live performance so this setting seemed perfect. Recorded the afternoon before having to fly back to England. More to follow soon.
Peace out.

Filmed by Katrin Bu.

(DONT.LOOK.DOWN Recordings rights reserved)

"Where Ever You Are" Lyrics;

I don't know why I let you
Go and get the go away
I don't know why I let you
Get away, away

And now
Your gone

I see you through the window
You let me come and say hello
Ask if i can stay tonight
I see your, smiling face
Looking at me

And now
Your gone

When will I see you again
Before next fall, summer or spring
It's too long
I still see your picture everyday
And it keeps me happy
In the world I live in.

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