Author: Cédric "c-drik" B.

It's an RTCW frags movie, the mojority of frags are done at Panzerfaust because I was soldier most of the time due to my (old) poor connecxion (100/110 ms).
By the way, the frags are a little bit old and some of them are maybe not exceptional for certain persons but it comes from demos that I haven't deleted :s .
The scenes has been chosen in order to be synchronized with the music background and not necessary for the frags demonstration that it contains. My goal with this movie was to take pleasure for making it and having a good training in "movie making" .
I hope you will enjoy it and to see you for my next movie :D . It will contain less of Panza's frags, be shorter, use a better crosshair etc...
and probably be an Enemy Territory's movie :x
Remember that it's my first frags movie before being too hard in criticism :p .

One step close - Linkin Park featuring The Humble Brothers and Jonathan Davis.
No speech - Guano Apes.
High - Guano Apes.
You can't stop me - Guano Apes.
The Passportal - Team Sleep.

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