Howard, a goofy English boy, discovers after moving to Tokyo for his working holidays, that being a ‘gaijin’ (foreigner) in Japan can be a quite challenging experience.
For Howard, everyday brings a new challenge; nobody speaks his language, his body language is out of place, the food is weird, he cannot read any sign in the street, and high-tech devices are sometimes out of control. Howard, the main hero of the series, never seem to loose his cool despite all the mishaps… Frederic Soumagnas, CG artist with a long experience in visual effects industry, has created a short animation series based on his own and the experience of other foreigners living in Japan with humor and irony.

(About "Yokoso" episode)
This is the very 1st episode, where Howard just arrived at Narita Airport. He meets "talking ATM girl with big manga eyes" instructing Howard through the jorney to the hotel.

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