Showreel Breakdown:

Green Sea Turtle - Personal Project
I wanted to create this model to increase the speed and experience in ZBrush. All aspects of the model was created in ZBrush.

Matador - Personal Project
This was a personal project of mine, I wanted to create a model where I could develop my sculpting and texturing skills. The Matador base mesh was created in Maya and then transfered to Zbrush for sculpting and texturing. The Bull model was completely created in Zbrush using Dynamesh and then retopologizing the model. The textures were using created in Zbrush.

My Grandad - Personal Project
This was a personal project of mine, I wanted to create a more realistic model and develop my skills in ZBrush. The model was completely created and rendered in ZBrush. I've added a texture map to the model, which was painted in ZBrush.

Batmobile - Personal Project
This was another personal project of mine, I wanted to create a replica of a real life object and decided on creating the Batmobile. It was modelled and textured in Maya.

Salientia - Sony MasterClass Project
This project was set at Bournemouth University by Sony, the aim was to create a monster based on real life animals. I had a 10,000 polygon limit and four 512x512 texture maps for Diffuse, Specular and Normal maps. I designed, modelled, textured and normal mapped the model. The base based was created in Maya and textured and normal mapped in Mudbox.

Major Project was an animation created by myself and Olly Fisk called Diva Dreams. For this project I was the Lead modeller.

Diva - Uni Major Project
The Diva character was the one of the main characters in the Animation. She is meant to be confidant, Sassy and a Diva. She was modelled in Maya.

Dreamer - Uni Major Project
The Dreamer character is the opposite to the Diva character, She is shy and a terrible singer. She was modelled in Maya.

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