Black, White, & True: To Do or Not to Do?

As Christians we have the reputation of being legalists--"Don't smoke, don't chew, don't go with girls who do." And the typical reaction is individualistic-mind your own business-do what ever I feel like libertinism. Both positions come from a heart choosing his or her own way, which is away from Jesus.

This Sunday we're continuing our Black, White, and True series by looking at a first century family feud. Jesus is again being sabotaged into a trap by some legalists trying to answer--how do we live rightly before God? Take some time to read Matthew 9:9-15; 11:18-19, and ask yourself, "What is Jesus' third way and how could it bring us true freedom?"

Come On My Soul
Your Love is Strong
Come Thou Fount
Divine Invitation
Beautiful Things
The Earth is Yours

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