When asked to go to the store at night, two hispanics cousins were mistakenly identified as local gang members by undercover police.

I directed, wrote, produced, and edited the project. I along with many talented and ambitious old/new friends from my film school. I was also lucky to have found highly talented actors to bring my script to life. Project took us three nights to shoot at my friend's house and neighborhood. We all had fun and educational experience when making this short. I hope to submit it to more festivals soon. The story belongs to one of my co-workers. He told me that him and his cousin were out one night and the undercover cops stopped them and harassed them a bit.

Side note: I have cop friends in many places. I just liked the story overall.

Arri Lights
Canon 5D and 6D
Final Cut Pro 7
Final Draft 8 (screenwriting)
Audio Kit (including booms, 2 lavs, on set mixer, and digital recorder)
Either 10' or 15' jib
Generator (Genny)
Lots of extension cables

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