Episode 6 of Season 7.

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By the looks of Veda's belly, it could be any day that we see the new little boy...or girl... but wait! Perhaps there's something else being hidden, if ya know what I mean? ;D Either way, today we learn that throughout the first trimester of her pregnancy, she had been popping some pills to help with depression problems. Wonder what made her feel that way? Rest assured, Fang will always be there to help bolster his wife's spirits. Aww (:

It's been nearly a full year since Maddie's last seen Ryan (the real one) and it seems that nothing can take him off her mind for even a second. Especially not by looking at the teddy bear that he had given her as a present for her 9th birthday. Roxy walks into her bedroom, asks if Maddie's done her homework (does anybody do homework these days, really? XDD) and expresses her belief that Ryan isn't gone, but Maddie can't bring herself to believe it. *I quickly jump into the plot momentarily here, hehe* Don't ever give up hope, Maddie. Keep in mind that if you believe he's still out there and tell yourself that one day, you WILL reunite with him, then you just might find what you're looking for. Don't lose faith, keep the flame of desire inside you lit. *end role* :D Then Maddie calls Nicole and asks if she wants to hang out this weekend but she's already booked it up with Kelsi and when Maddie asks if she could tag along, Nicole tells her that she wants to only hang out with Kelsi at the moment, but maybe later though...is it just me or is Nicole trying to drift away to different waters?

Roxy probably saw that I finished off the last of their Hamburger Helper, so she goes grocery shopping. She picks up some laundry detergent (I think) and puts it in the basket, and as she starts walking away, "Daddy" confronts her about not telling Maddie that she still has a grandparent. Yes, a grandparent. Singular. Just one. Blame "Daddy" for what happened to "Mommy." Or maybe he can blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol because apparently he was drunk one night and...well it didn't end well. He apologizes, but she doesn't buy it. She heads home, frustrated and whatnot, when all of a sudden a truck comes out of nowhere and T-Bone's Roxy on the passenger side of her car. After being unconscious for a couple minutes, she gets out to make sure the other driver is okay, but she's in for quite an unpleasant surprise...

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