Story by Ray Fuentes
Directed by Nicholas Acosta
In 1944 war torn Poland, an entire race of people fight for their survival as the Nazis turn to an advanced biological weapon to eliminate them. A young man with a distorted memory of his past goes on a epic journey to rescue his father and uncovers his own unique physical abilities and monstrous powers.
Anton Prins was just a boy when Nikolai, a Polish army commander, rescued him from Nazi Human Experiment (NHE) facility within the city of Warsaw. Nikolai’s team was almost eradicated by just a handful of Waffen-SS soldiers who seem to be beyond normal. They were very strong and agile with glowing red eyes.
Nikolai took Anton in and raised him as his own. He soon discovers that his adopted son is not just an ordinary boy. He possesses unique and special talents that becomes stronger as he gets older. The boy grew up conflicted not knowing who and what he is. He dislikes the Nazi Germans yet he is drawn to them in some strange way particularly the Waffen-SS general, Heinrich Riese. He constantly sees him in his dreams.
Nikolai goes on a special mission and gets captured by the Nazis. The General uses him as bait to draw Anton out of hiding. Anton’s childhood friend Angela Malec, the Polish President’s only daughter, aids him in his quest to rescue Nikolai even though she was ordered to stay away from Anton. She has a strong chemistry with our hero. Together they find a way to get to the city of Warsaw which becomes a stage for one of the biggest battles between two monsters, Anton and General Riese. It is here that Anton finally finds out who and what he is, and what he decides to do next will completely change the course of the war.

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