A collection of time lapse videos captured in northern Minnesota in late September, 2012 by Mark Ellis (markellis.com).

The music is "RayJoyce!" composed and performed by Minnesota-based musician Dan Schwartz from the CD "American Finger-Style Guitar" (cdbaby.com/cd/afsguitar). "RayJoyce!" can be heard in its entirety here: danschwartz.net/music-group-18.html. Dan's website is danschwartz.net.

All daytime scenes were captured on September 29 and 30 with the Minnesota autumn colors at their peak.

The first night sky scene was photographed in the final hours of September 29, under a full moon which uniquely illuminated the intense autumn colors. Moon shadows and stars slowly crisscross the time lapse animation.

The final scene was captured beginning on the first full night of autumn, September 22, 2012. The partial moon overhead early in the clip provided subtle lighting of the trees and leaf colors. After the moon set, the night sky transitioned to stark darkness, revealing a sea of stars in motion. Between the silhouetted trees, the Andromeda Galaxy traversed in unison with the stars, followed by a glimpse at the passing Milky Way, and a set of at least three meteor fragments show as a quick streak (just after 0:53). Scores of other stars in apparent rotation about the brilliantly lit Polaris (North Star) moved into the panning view as the clip concluded in the early hours of September 23.

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