Out on the quiet city streets, in the pre-dawn hours, a battle is being waged. For decades, graffiti writers, street artists, and bill-posters have contended with police and city clean up crews. Now they have a new enemy: the obsessive and self-motivated lone vigilante. This new breed of crime-fighter now stalks the urban landscape.

Two filmmakers go undercover to expose anti-graffiti vigilantes who stop at nothing to rid their neighbourhoods and cities of street art, stickers, tags and posters. Yet several of these vigilantes have become the very menace they set out to eliminate. In their relentless attempt to stamp out graffiti, they’ve turned to illegally and destructively painting other people’s property.

Vigilante Vigilante sets out to expose these mysterious characters and discovers a battle of expression that stretches from the streets to academia.

"“Engaging… Entertaining… Nary a dull moment…” - Variety

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