Tenchi's TV tool bar allows you to watch cable via Internet for FREE, and Hilary Clinton likes BOOBIES ! Ackshun, Ronzo, and Katie from YOYODC.COM are gonna prove it while listening to a rack of music and watching the newest cartoons ! We talk about how the Redskins suck and the Nationals first play off win ! It also happens to be Columbus Day 2012 in America so most people got off work and school cause the Indians foolishly helped out Christopher Columbus in 1492 and they were all killed off by the 1900's. Not that its all that important because now we have this great country and we all get a whole day off !

Enjoy... Make sure to go to Dload Tenchi's TV Tool Bar, then go to there Facebook Page and tell em YOYODC.COM sent ya !

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Monday October 8th 2012 - Captured Live on Ustream at ustream.tv/channel/yoyodc

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