TrueColors is a digital projection of an HTML file containing an algorithm based on David Hilbert's 1891 'Curve Algorithm'.
This mathematical formula was used in order to create a continous stream of 16,777,216 solid colors, each one appearing for a brief moment before beingreplaced by another one which closely resembles it.
Those 16.7 million colors comprise a complete color pallette known as 24-bit (8-bit of values for every one of the basic Red, Green and Blue)which is a standard for almost all digital video and photo equipment and hardware (monitors, TV's, cameras etc).
24-bit as a color space is slowly being replaced by systems of higher bit-depths such as 30/36/48-bit producing billions of colors.

The duration of the projection is equal to the total duration of the show. In that way, the work is projected only once and non-stop resulting in a single appearance of each and every color in the pallette.

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