This is the last footage I got of my pride and joy. I spent the better part of 4 years and far too much money trying to make this 1986 Toyota Cressida station wagon into a drift car. The common newb mistake "but I don't want an s13 because everybody has one! I want a unique drift car!" .... Idiot.

S14 SR20DET under the hood, stock rear end couldn't take the power. Gutted the car entirely. Built my own body harness. Swapped in a mk1 supra rear end. Bought coilovers to get proper suspension in. Then I ran into financial issues and had to sell the motor and rear end. Leaving me with a useless rusty shell and a set of s13 coils. Decided it was best to go out with a bang.

There are a lot of people who don't understand how I could scrap the car/chop the top, and they probably never will. Not only was the car useless (no interior, no stock harness to try and put a 5mge back in, no suspension, rusty, a trashed stock rear end...the list goes on) and on top of that I no longer had money to put into it, but even if someone did want it (which a few people did) I couldn't stand to watch someone else finish a build on a car I started.

So many friends also put so much time, effort, blood, and sweat into this car as well that it would be a dishonour to them, in my mind, to sell the car. Being new to the car scene, I spent a lot of late nights in garages trying to take in everything I could from all these incredibly smart, creative, talented, and selfless individuals. They had the patience to put up with me and help me to such a huge extent, I can't thank them enough.

Thank you Shawn and Logan for both inspiring me to get into drifting and for putting in major man hours on this project., go buy their shit and give them a like on facebook, they are the dope. Four Function Autosport for sourcing and bringing in my first set of wheels and my Sr20, and fighting the good fight to get me an uncut harness. Hit them up if you are ever in Kelowna, BC, for the best service in Canada. Ian, Tyson, and Greg for getting me the much needed best deals on parts, this build was on a budget from day one and never would have gotten this far if it weren't for you. Warren for making the death defying trip with me from Kelowna to Victoria in the wagon, also for your constant good advice and shared knowledge of old toyotas. It may have made it to the island on it's own, but you put the final touches into this car that made it as ready as it ever would be for the track. Thank you to everyone else that ever turned a wrench, hammered a fender, lent a tool, zipped a zip-tie, took a photo, cut a b,c,or d-pillar, put up with my shit, or even just hung out to keep me company. You are all fucking champions and I couldn't ask for better friends.

For now I'll be rocking an s13, hopefully getting some long waited for seat time, but rest assured... I will be back in a cressida one day. Most likely a sedan, but if I get into another wagon I promise I won't "ruin it".


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