Music By: Jean-Michel Jarre

(00:00) Ice Cream | Viscosity WIP
A viewport preview of a high viscosity sim that uses a custom HDA emitter that I have developed to have control of every aspect (rate, velocity, scale, xform, etc) of the emission stage.
Also the HDA emitter defines uvs based on poind id (u) and distance from the centroid of the shape (v), to have correct texture coordinates across the fluid.
Finally a very simple setup with a gas linear combination microsolver to control the rate of change of the viscosity attribute over time.
Shading and rendering by Richard McDaniel.
(00:25) Snack Cake | Viscosity WIP
In this test, I want to explore the workflow to do small scale sims with FLIP and a custom CHOP based emitter.
(00:36) Object Sticky Property For SPH | Fluids WIP
A custom asset to give an object the property to stick a SPH fluid to the surface;It can be controlled via hand painted (texture map), procedural texture or user defined attribute.
(00:43) Procedural Control Of SPH Coefficients | Viscosity WIP
The box have a temperature attribute that modified the properties of the fluid when collide with it, then a cooling factor return the fluid to his initial state.
(00:50) Stereo Primitives | Stereoscopic WIP
A fluid simulation test to explore Morphing, Particle Timewarping Techniques and stereoscopy.
(01:15) Naga Logo
Done with CHOPs to experiment a different approach to transfom objects with a bunch of attributes.
(01:27) Procedural Impact Based Source | Destruction WIP
Description of a method to source based on impacts from a RBD sim.
(01:58) Pyroclastic Dust | Volumes WIP
This test uses a custom temperature and divergence fields for the rolling effect, also custom vorticles help to gain more detail.
(02:02) Path Follow Detail | Volumes WIP
Description of a method to drive smoke and fire sims across a custom path.
(02:24) Multi-Source Explotion | Volumes WIP
This low rez (0.1) sim features:
-Time warp controls with up-rez solver (Linear Blend).
-Custom rest field solver inside up-rez solver, to have correct rest, rest2 fields and interpolation values for up-rez turbulence and pyrofx2.0 shader.
-Custom multi-source setup for multiple micro-explotions.
(02:29) Spider Crowd | Crowd WIP
This is a test that I have made to learn the basics of instancing in houdini.
The spider animation was defined between POP's and CHOP's; Then thanks to the instancepoint() function, all the animation attributes per agent point can affect the spider rig properly.
For the terrain effect, an SDF representation was used to keep the agents over the terrain surface (a much better alternative to the ray sop).
Finally the displacement of the agents over the terrain is fully editable with the painting of attributes over the terrain.
(02:41) Custom Forces For Morph Effects | Volumes WIP
A test to drive the smoke (or pyro sim) into a volumetric representation of an arbitrary shape with custom forces.
Also the main forces are properly weighted with the main velocity field (to preserve the default flow of the solver); And finally the main forces are controlled by a ramp relative to the distance from the goal shape.
Two Main forces:
1) Gradient force (calculated with a volume representation of the object [gas analysis DOP or volume analysis SOP]).
2) Tangent force (derived from surface tangents)
Shaded with Pyro (the colorization is based on the shadow color parameter).
(02:52) Cadbury Gems
I had the great opportunity to work remotely for Storm Studios as a Houdini FX TD for two Cadbury Gems comercials.
Here are the links: (Museum), (Garden).

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