IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT is a new commission by French architect Jacques Rival and is part of RELAY, the first dedicated art programme at King's Cross.

IFO reflects the transience of King's Cross and the rapid changes it is undergoing. During the day, this oversized birdcage will act as public kiosk and framing device for the daily theatre of the street. At night, it will become a luminous spectrum re-emitting the energy it has accumulated during the day.

IFO will be found in and around King's Cross, amidst the construction sites, on the top of high-rise buildings and, of course, in the sky.

On selected nights, IFO will take off and dramatically hang from the cranes constructing the new King's Cross. During these nocturnal ascensions, the cage will reveal its bottomless structure releasing past memories and signaling the next phase of construction.

When landed, the nine-meter high cage will turn into a recreational space and invite passers-by to an intimate session on a two-seater swing.

Over its two years of travel, IFO will host with a series of pop-up activities and interventions. These events will be announced shortly on the King's Cross blog.

IFO is part of King's Cross first dedicated art programme, RELAY curated by Michael Pinsky and Stephanie Delcroix.

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